Mac OS X TeamViewer 12 Cannot select application on screen sharing

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I am trying to use TV12 on my Mac OS X 10.9.5 to perform a meeting. My problem is that I cannot select an application for the screen sharing. When I press the button to "Select Application" the blue letters of "Select Application" are shown but no matter what I do no application is selected. I can switch between applications but none is actually selected. Additionally the application that I select cannot be used (e.g. If I open Firefox or safari I cannot go through tabs or open a new one etc.). Furthermore TV cannot be switched back to full screen sharing thus the only solution is to force quit TV.

I have tried to uninstall TV, removed all settings "com.teamviewer*" files without success.

Any idea what might be the problem or what can I do to identify it?

I have forgotten to mention that the log file goes up to "TeamViewer application selection started" but nothing is written in there afterwards.

Looking forward for your feedback!

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