Latest version14.7.1965 but told partner has newer version

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I'm on Mac using 14.7.1965 but told my partner ( which my own office Windows 7 machine) is using a newer version. Accepting to update my own fails becasue i already have latest version!



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    We are having the exact same issue. All of a sudden new deployments of the TV Host v14 MSI no longer properly configure Grant Easy Access - I'm assuming the Company Assignment is failing somewhere. We are prompted for a password when we try to connect to these clients but we don't know the password becuase we rely on Easy Access. On the user's end they see the client, it has our branding, they can see our logo, and their client is locked down using our specific password. But Company Assignment isn't completed and Grant Easy Access is not enabled. Nothing has changed with our Configuration Manager deployment. 

    I tested TV Host v15 MSI and it seemed to work last week. However today it's doing the exact same thing. Except now the branding is gone entirely. It looks like a vanialla host install. 

    And now this mornign all of our existing TV Host v14 clients are receiving this error message: "TeamViewer Portable is running in a limited demonstration mode". 

    Anyone else having issues with Company Assignment, Grant Easy Access, or the Deomostration Mode issues? 

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    We're seeing the same issues. I haven't tested outside of SCCM, I'll have to try that. The install works fine, but assignments are not working. For a while, it was spotty. Now it doesn't seem to work at all. Teamviewer 14 host install via MSI - we haven't changed the package at all, and it's just stopped working.

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    Do you still have the same problems or have you found solutions to this? I just tried to deploy TV15 host via Intune for the first time and I got an installation error because of invalid command line parameters. After extensive research it seems to boil down to the ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--grant-easy-access" part.

    I also made a thread here about the problem:

    I just found and read this thread and thought if the root cause could be the same for our problems? Or if it's not, would you maybe have any tips for my problem? :)

    Kind regards,

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    This lovely issue returned recently.

    After making a small change to the Host Module's text, all MSI deployments failed assignment. We again had to create a brand new Host Module and update our deployment systems. This bug is incredibly annoying.