add a computer to account in "1-way"

Hi! I use team viewer to access my different home computers instead of using RDP simply because it's easier to use. I have an unlicensed (personal) account, so I have all my computers in the computer list. So far so good.

My father is getting old, and forgot more about computers than he ever learnt lol.He often have questions and problems I just cannot answer over he phone, and I don't want to drive to his place everytime he asks me a question, might as well move back to his place haha. His computer skills are so bad that just launching TeamViewer and give me the codes is super tedious... He kinda panicks everytime he tries to do something on the computer. I'd like to add his computer in my account, but I don't want his computer to be able to remote control my machines, especially not in unattended mode. However, I don't want my machines to be unaccessible by my other machines. I don't know if I'm being clear, Englih isn't my main language lol. Is there a way I can add his machine to my account like that? I don't care if I can't take control unattended, it's fine if he needs to accept the connection. He's still able to click OK ;)

In case I wasn't clear, let's say I have the computers "bedroom" and "fileserver" already, and want to add "dad". I want "bedroom" and "fileserver" to be able to unattended remote control each other, but I don't want "dad" to be able to remote control the other two. At least not unattended. I don't want my father to go in my computers by mistake when I'm not looking at them and mess everything up.

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    This is pretty easy to do, Setup all three systems on the same account. Do not save passwords to your computer list or enable "easy access" on any of them. then when you double click on them you will be prompted for a password.

    ANOTHER option and it is probably technically more correct.

    Sign your dad up for TeamViewer. Install it on his computer, and sign in to his account on that PC. Set a personal password in security for yourself, and make sure to tell TeamViewer to start with windows. Then on your computer add his computer to your computer list. He will not see your computers at all. You will see his. This solution will also allow you to save passwords for all three of them on your account making your life much easier.

    As always MAKE SURE YOU SELECT PERSONAL when you are seting up TeamViewer for each of these account and computers.

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