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Paid for multiple licenses, but can't use them.

I've paid for 6 company licenses and 6 core licenses in three transactions.

3/20/2020 n° 6790791 Blizz Core - Monthly subscription Ongoing 4/20/2020
3/20/2020 n° 6790762 Blizz Company - Monthly subscription Ongoing 4/20/2020
3/16/2020 n° 6783122 Blizz Company - Monthly subscription Ongoing 4/16/2020

I can only use the licenses from one transaction, if I try to register another transaction it overides the other licenses from the first transaction regsitered.

I've created a support ticket, on the 20th March, but nobody has responded. 

Why can't someone fix this simple issue to allow me to use what I've paid for? I want to buy more licenses, but I've obviously very reluctant to as I presume I won't be able to use them.

Any suggestions on how to fix this myself?


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  • AndrewWh
    AndrewWh Posts: 3

    Support ticket 535073

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem. I bought a few licenses yesterday, but every time I activated one, the already activated one was removed.

  • Alex_Mairginter
    Alex_Mairginter Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Same problem no response from support since 5 days (#33413430)

  • PeterBrunner
    PeterBrunner Posts: 66 Staff member 🤠

    @ALL: Pls use only for such issues.

    We can not help you here on these indidvidual topics.

    We will get back to you asap. Pls. understand that we have a huge demand these days but are picking up as we speak.

    Note: You can only manage one kind of subscription and one order in one account unless you want to add users to an existing package, which you need to do via

  • ahamm
    ahamm Posts: 1

    @PeterBrunnerIt is an important message, that it is not possibel to mix crew and company subscriptions in one account.

    But can you give a hint, how to purchase additional operators in the blizzz customer portal? I don´t find this. Or do I have to use the contact form in this portal?

    ASTOC Posts: 1

    Same Problem here. I also can't find how to add more users in customer portal. More info please,

    J. Groote

  • Joseff
    Joseff Posts: 7 ✭✭

    I have the same with a mix of Core and Crew subscriptions:

    • Crew with 7 Organizers 20.03.2020 
    • Crew with 2 Organizers 13.03.2020
    • Core with 1 Organizer 28.11.2020

    It would help me, if I could use the 9 Crew-Licences, but I can only use Licences of one subscription :-(

  • Alex_Mairginter
    Alex_Mairginter Posts: 3 ✭✭

    The support said that they have a problem on portal at the moment. There is normaly an option  "upgrade your subscription"blizz upgrade subscription.jpg

  • Alex_Mairginter
    Alex_Mairginter Posts: 3 ✭✭

    answer from support (24.032020): "Unfortunately, different orders / packages cannot be managed in one account. You would have to manage them in different accounts. Furthermore, you cannot manage different licenses in one account"

  • PeterBrunner
    PeterBrunner Posts: 66 Staff member 🤠

    You can just buy them in the shop. As mentioned, usually you would do so in the subscription management and extend the running subscription.

    For now, you would create a new subscription with its own running terms AND have the disadvantage of not getting them in the same user accoount in the product thus need to manage/activate them in another account.

    The only other way would be that we cancel/refund all your existing ones and you order new all you need ideally within one plan (i.e. Core OR Crew OR Company). You can then activate all of this new one in one user account (if you have removed it before via

    Pls. adress all individual needs/requests by a ticket (select sales question in any case - at - even that form is in German, you can also write in English.

    Sorry for all of this, but we all experiences mutliple issues in multiple spots adding up with bad timing and high load these days.