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IPAD : Quicksupport issue

Try to access my IPAD with IOS 13.4 and Quicksupport 15.4.1 . I'm connecting with Teamviewer either from my PC or my Iphone. After be connected few secondes and moving around on the IPAD I always get disconnected with this message : Attempted to start an invalid broadcast session

Same issue with another IPAD with IOS 13.3.1and Quicksupport 15.4.1

 But no issue to access my Iphone with IOS 13.4 and Quicksupport 15.3.1. I'm connecting with Tiemviewer either from my PC or my IPAD.. ALL IS GOOD and no disconection.

What's wrong with Quicksupport 15.4.1 for IPAD?


  • pson
    pson Posts: 3

    I'm completely lost in the Apple world, can you please tell me where I can find the older version that works? Cause the same **bleep** still happens on 15.5.1 and I really need this to work so I can help my quarantined parents.