WOL not working properly

I've setup WOL in my home pc and it works fine when I put  the machine in sleep mode manually and test it connecting to it from my smartphone by tapping on the wake up button first and connecting .

However, if I wait until the machine enters sleep mode by itself after the wait period set in windows power settings, the wake up button doesn't respond waking up the remote machine anymore.

Any ideas - Thanks


  • bartlanz
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    A few things I would check. Did you set the power settings on your LAN and WAN adapters. Also did you turn on the WOL feature in your computers BIOS? 

    The last item I would wonder, because you are trying this from a mobile device. Are the tests that are successful happening when you are at home, and the ones where they are failing when you are outside of the house? If this is the case, What WOL Relay method did you choose? the IP/Port method or the one where it is forwarded from anohter TV host?

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  • palosanto
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    Hi, both tests are done from inside the house with my phone to my pc. The pc TV wol settings are set to Wan ìp so that I can access from anywhere.
    Bios wol settings ok and all power settings also as per TV instructions. I've also configured my router with port forwarding, port 9, UDP, and fixed internal ip.
    For now I ended up disabling sleep mode because I'm travelling as we speak so I can access fine. I'll keep troubleshooting when I get back home. Thanks for now.