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BLIZZ crashed every time

I have bought BLIZZ for meetings with 6 participants. Meeting starts correct. But every time when I want to change something (i.e. share screen) BLIZZ crashed. macOS Catalina. Any tips?

MacOS 10.15.4


  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 655 ⭐Star⭐


    What version of macOS are you using, please?

    Have you tried to uninstall Blizz, reboot and reinstall the latest version?

    Best regards

  • SvenH
    SvenH Posts: 3

    We face similar issues:

    MacOS Catalina, newest Release and newest BLIZZ App

    Sometimes the cam just freezes during a call for other members of the call. When trying to switch on and off the app sometimes crashes. If it happens to the organizer, the call ends then. This is annoying.

    We use crew and free licenses. Any fix to be expected soon?

  • promt
    promt Posts: 1

    do you use a logitech cam? same problems here with logitech c930e business... Thorsten

  • SvenH
    SvenH Posts: 3

    Good question. A logitech cam is connected but not used. Will disconnect and see if it helps.

    But it should be fixed, anyway-if possible.

  • SvenH
    SvenH Posts: 3

    Whenever I try to start and stop the cam, I have this issue. No external cam.

    The same hapens when an external cam is connected and I try to switch to the other cam in the settings. The App always crashes.

    Quite frequently, the picture freezes for the other participants. Problems are primarily with the MacOS Version.

    Will there be a fix?