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Teamviewer issues with Windows creator update


I have been using teamviewer for a couple of years now without any problems. I recently started updating our company computers to the new Windows creators update version and since then the issues with teamviewer have not stopped.Somestimes it connects, Sometimes it hangs on connecting then never connects, a lot fo the time i get WaitforConnectFailed? Can somebody direct to a fix for the issue - it is becoming increasingly frustrating as I use teamviwer to remotely access all our users and offer IT support. The issue has is happening with teamviewer 10 and teamviewer 12

Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Jon






  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 315 ✭✭✭

    Where you clearly have a comercial license, and multiple systems haveing issues, I would suggest reaching out to TeamViewers Support Team. I have worked with them before and they where prompt and helpful.

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  • jsme84
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  • help
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    Im using teamviewer 8,  and it was working fine until i upgraded to windows 10 Creators edition. 

    After spending 1 week of time consulting Teamviewer reps, sending various log files, the end result is that this version of teamviewer is not supported with windows 10 in general. Also support for teamviewer 8 has been suspending, so no further investigation will be carried out, thanks Teamviewer! The only option is to upgrade ( we are not on subscription, they are pay for out right license, old payment model)

    Anyways, I managed to get teamviewer functioning by disabling Teamviewer8 in services.

    (Start > Run > Services.msc > Enter > Search for teamviewer8 > right click stop > Volia)

    I hope this helps someone, as teamviewer seem only really interested in selling me new licenses . 

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