Can I control 3 desktops, simultaneously?

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Hopefully, someone can help me.

I am having to work from home but have three PC's in my workplace I would like to access and perform my work on. Is it possible to simultaneously link into all three of them and switch between each one as and when required?

Thanks in anticipation.


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  • Thank you.

    You are a hero!!!

  • Hello,

    You kindly answered my query but I just realised that such prompts another question.

    Can I perform that function on any of the Teamviewer packages [Single User] - [Multi-User] - [For Teams] or is a specific package required?

    I ask because I am only a small business with three PC's in my office, which I would like to be able to access from home, so would find the more expensive offerings somewhat beyond my current financial means.

    Thank you.


  • Esther
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    Hi Seb,

    Basically - yes.

    All licenses would allow you this in general. But from what you wrote, I think the Remote Access Plan might be a great starting point for you.

    Best, Esther

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  • Thank you, again.

    I note there is a caveat existing with the "Remote Access" license, being "only available online".

    I have searched to discover what that actually means, without success.

    Can you help me out again with this, please?

    Sorry to be a nuisance.


  • Thank you.

    You've been really helpful, which is greatly appreciated. :-)


  • Esther
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    Thanks Seb! I am glad to hear that ?

    Have a great day,


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