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I get a gray screen when I login on other computer.

I have been using TeamViewer to remotely share my mother's computer screen for some time.  She has an iMac and I have a MacBook Pro.  Both are running the latest version of macOS and TeamViewer.  However, in the last few months, TeamViewer has stopped working properly for us.  When I login to her computer, I can see her menu bar, at the top of the window, but the rest of her screen is just gray.  I cannot see any of here windows, desctop, etc.  Other than the menu bar, I can see nothing of what is on her screen.  As an experiment, I tried to share my screen with her and she had the same result.

If I deselect "Remove Wallpaper" in the View menu, then I can see her desktop picture, but I still can't see any of the open windows or icons on her desktop.

On the other hand, I do not have this problem when I use TeamViewer to login to my office computer.  It's running Windows 10.

So, can anyone tell me what is going wrong with my connection to my mother's commputer?

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  • I'm having the same issue & it was mentioned that Team viewer 15 and Mac OS X 10.14 & Mac OS X 10.15 have some issues . They posted what to check on Accessibilty and Full Disk Access , I've tried that and still all I see is the Desktop image . No desktop icons, dock or pull down menu items. I'm able to log in to husbands imac running Mac OSX 10.13 and Teamviewer 14..But on our LAN

    Whats the fix? I need to help my mom too.

  • MsCopernic
    MsCopernic Posts: 0

    Same here, but seems no one is answering this. I have seen this problem reported by many persons.