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Unattended uninstall/installation of Teamviewer

I have taken over a network of formerly independent workshops that all have a couple of PC's and most have an installation of TeamViewer. The really big issue is that most have been installed with some password or other that nobody remembers anymore. I can, obviously, stop the local TV service and get Quicksupport from the website, but I'd rather replace present installation with a new one with a password I know and will be able to document.

Is there a way to script this? First the uninstallation of the old version removing all settings, and then installing host with a password of my choosing? That wouldn't tax the courage or knowhow of my users and ensure a homogenous set of installations.

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  • I have similar questions. In the past we had TV7 and I was able to create an MSI with an Install VBS file and the exported .reg file, allowing me to apply all settings (including the password). We have recently updated to TV11 and that VBS installs but the settings that are exported from TV11 to the .reg file do not contain the Unattended password making the script nearly useless.

    Is there a deployment VBS or another mechanism that will allow me to import the password along with the other settings?

  • 8-bit
    8-bit Posts: 5 ✭✭

    I'm able to push out a custom MSI host installation via PDQ Deploy. It's much quicker and more reliable than GPO in my experience. 

    You can also issue an uninstall via PDQ Deploy for your Windows environments.


  • How have you been able to embed the password within your msi deployment with PDQ Deploy?

    We have been trying to find a way but currently have to get the end user to type a temp password after deployment and we connect and change the password. Would be great if we could include this as part of the install routine.

  • 8-bit
    8-bit Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Unfortunately, no. The registry file is being used during the installation but for some strange reason, the embedded password isn't being set. 

  • Fantazma
    Fantazma Posts: 1


    I'm using simple switches:

    start /wait TeamViewer_Host_Setup.exe /S /norestart

     Find on the google at source: Teamviewer silent install

    Best regards

  • jmac999
    jmac999 Posts: 20
    That doesn't help distributing settings, such as the default password...
  • We had same kind of issue in the past.. We have exported the .reg file. but the password that we exported were been missing now. It looks like we can't export password as like other settings.

  • HeinM
    HeinM Posts: 9 ✭✭

    This unistalls teamviewer but it DOES NOT remove the settings.  So doing a reinstall puts all the old wrong settings back on the pc's.  When you have multiple computer in my industry to do (more than 10 000) this is vital.

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