TeamViewer issue with the sound

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with TeamViewer on my both computer (monitored) and laptop(master), the following maneuver was performed from the laptop (master),

I had the computer's sound perfectly working from my laptop even with the controlled computer muted. suddenly, for some reason, I went to the sound icon in the bottom right of my win 10 controlled computer, I right-clicked on it and chose the "volume mixer",

I had four vertical bars once I touched one of them the sound went off, and now I can hear nothing from my laptop. Now TeamViewer is perfectly working except the sound issue,

help, please.



  • Vatsilidis
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    Hi @Ella2964 

    Is the sound controlled by the Windows sound manager or by sound card app manager?

    Are you using external speakers, headphones, or external HDMI monitor?

    Have you seen the sound options in the Teamviewer toolbar during a connection? Maybe something enabled or disabled in there after this action.

    Could you please upload some screenshots of what you see in the sound settings? (please hide ID & password).

    Best regards