Black screen not working (Windows 10)



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    @Natascha wrote:

    Hi there, 

    Thanks for your posts. Please find additional information here: How to turn the remote screen black

    Not all monitors, video cards, motherboards, or BIOS support the TeamViewer monitor driver solution, which is required to use the black screen.

    For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again. 

    All the best :) 

    @Natascha Have you read anything in this thread? Your reply is a slap in the face to all inquiring here. You point people to a KB article? Your driver/certificate expired a year ago, and people have been waiting +1 year for a fix/new driver? Do you even know? Have you done a fresh install?? What OS are you using that the driver installs on??? Can you please provide an update/solution?

    Thank you. 

  • Really feel shame on TeamViewer.

    I am just a normal home user. After they put this feature to a business subscription. I bought it without any hesitation.

    But after such a long long long long time, they still didn't fix this bug.



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    Sorry, but no.

    Black screen still does not work on version 15.2.2756H - tested a few minutes ago.
    It works on older systems (last friday i did a full reinstall of Windows 10 1909 in a 5 year PC and was able to install the display driver and activate black screen), but not on newer PCs (and by newer I mean PCs since aprox.2016).
    By example: HP 400 i7-700C, intel HD630 - blackscreen does not work (install of display driver fails).

    I start to believe that TV will never fix this issue - they are focused in adding more and more "features" that are not core for Remote Control, and only create new issues, instead of fix the problems.

    Our customers are requesting that we use black screen: we work with ERP and payroll  systems, so we had to sign NDAs and assure our customers that we comply with EU's Data Protection rules - but when we need to access confidential data (like the wage and fiscal information of an Employee) we can't use back screen, so we don't really know who can be looking at the screen on the customer side - as a result we have more and more situations where we need to go physically at the customer to solve an issue.

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    Thanks for the information,

    and I think I have heard that one essential condition for function of black screen is that the monitor ought to have a physical power button.

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    I don't think so.

    My TV version is 15.1.3937, and this issue still exists.

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    Thanks for the information,

    but I still want to use the updated version of TeamViewer.

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    To be clear: It is not working with all HW - even with version 15.2.2756 on HOST and on my PC black screen does not work with recent HW (at least not with recent intel graphics).

    Let's see an example:

    One of our customers has +80 Pcs and Laptops - all of them has TV installed (not all of them have 15.2.2756).
    From the +80 PCs at least 70 are HP PCs, from selected "families" - usually using the integrated (intel) graphics.
    Let's look at one of this "families": HP ProDesk 4xx - since they have different generations (G1, G2, G3, G4, G5 and G6).
    On older generations black screen still works - on newer generations it doesn't.

    But note that this is not a HP-related problem - we have the same problem with other manufacturers - as a general rule in older PCs black screen works, in newer ones (last 3/4 years) don't.


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    I have the same issue with HD4400 on Dell Latitude E7440 embedded in the original docking station and monitor connected via DisplayPort to that docker. I would like to underline that in the much older versions (I don't know, maybe 13 or earlier) it has been working like it should be.

  • On Windows 10 machines that were upgraded from Windows 7, which already had TV running on them, the black screen still works. Currently running version 15.3.2682.

    For newer machines which were built with Windows 10 and had TV installed from scratch, black screen doesn't work. Currently running version 15.3.2682.

    C:\Windows\System32\drivers\TVMonitor.sys file on both machines is the exact same file. For those who have said that the issue is with digital signing, could it be that when a machine is upgraded from Windows 7 there isn't a need to check existing signatures, but for a new install there is, so that's why it doesn't work on the native install Windows 10 machines? 

    It's really important to our company to have the remote black screen functionality on all machines, not just the ones upgraded to Windows 10. @Natascha , please could you request that one of TV's developers look into the digital signing of the driver and perhaps just update the signature anyway since it has expired. To my naive mind, that seems like a five minute exercise on TV's part that could have a huge impact for lots of people.


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    I've the Same issue... :(  Not working the black screeen on windows 10

    @ebir909 wrote:


    This seems to be the oposite of the common problem:

    I'm unable to show a black screen on the computer I'm connecting to.

    I can select "disable remote imput" - which works, and I can also select the "show black screen". Bu this does nothing. On the remote computer, the input is disabled but the screen shows everything.

    I've also tried selecting the "enable black screen" option in the tw options on the remote computer, but when I do this the client cannot even connect to it: It hangs forever on "initializing display parameters".

    Anyone got any ideas? I was about to buy a license for TW when I noticed this, and it's a complete show stopper for me. There's no official TW help to get either, since I haven't bought a license yet.

    I've tried installing and reinstalling the TW monitor drivers on both machines, but TW doesn't even appear to be TRYING to black the remote screen.

    I have same but didnt get solution. 


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    This feature needs to be fixed, It hasnt worked properley for a few years there is no reason for this not to work on modern hardware.Im pretty sure it isnt rocketsurgery to get it working.

    Sort your **bleep** Teamviewer, you get more than enough money from subscriptions to afford to throw a few developers on this problem instead of using them on "see through your customers eyes", endpoint protection and backup-solutions that i'm sure noone asked for in the first place. 

    So get to it!

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    Good news, guys!

    After 3 years, they finally fixed the problem without installing any drivers.

    It is confirmed on my computer: Windows 10 1909 with the latest TeamViewer 15.4.8332 :)



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    Good news but what about the new image that are shown on black screen window.... 
    It should be configured! .. Maybe we want to display a custom message or a company branding style....

    I`m verry dissapointed that this could`t be changed....