Backup File Size Limit

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Is there a limit to the size of a file that can be backup using TV?.   I have a file that is about 11GB that keeps failing. 

Grateful for any insight.


Clement Horton

Crystal Technology


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    Hello Clement,

    I've been told the file size limit is the same as your backup limit. If you have 1 TB of storage, you could theoretically backup a single 1 TB file. The largest file I have backed up is just under 18 GB. It's a backup of a SQL Server Database. I was constantly getting failures trying to backup a live SQL database. TeamViewer just couldn't copy the file while in use. Open files should copy if VSS is working, but if it's a very large file constantly being modified VSS may not even be able to help. I resorted to creating a temporary SQL backup, then backing up the backup to TeamViewer. I now get successful backups most of the time.

    What type of file are you having trouble with?

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