Having trouble connecting to my fiances Android in Afghanistan

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I'm trying to connect to my fiances Android in Afghanistan. She has a local SIM card, and the data service is pretty decent. We're able to Skype, Hangout, Whatsapp video chat with no problems. The TeamViewer app on her phone works fine, and was installed from here, so there are no regional issues with the way the app was installed. 

Every time we try to connect, it fails. No error messages. We have ensured we are using the correct Partner ID, she has even sent me screenshots of it. And shes powercycled her phone to ensure her data is working properly. 

Any suggestions?


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    Hi tbudri,

    Thank you for your post!

    To be able to provide the best solution to your question we would need a little more information.

    1. What type of Andriod phone is your wife using?
    2. Have you ensured that the TeamViewer software is on the latest version on your side?
    3. Have you ensured that the TeamViewer application on the Android phone is on the latest version?
    4. What type of device are you using to try to connect to the Android phone?

    We look forward to your response so we can further assist.

    All the best,




  • tbudri
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    Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for taking your time to respond and for helping me!

    1. She is using an LG VS980 4G.

    2. Yes, I am using the latest version of TeamViewer, and I made sure to check for updates.

    3. Yes, she is using the latest version of TeamViewer on her phone, it was a fresh install (approx 1 month ago), and we checked for updates to try and resolve.

    4. I've tried to access using both a Windows 10 PC as well as my LG-H830. I ensured that the software was updated on both machines. I also tested connecting to other Android devices using my laptop and phone, they all worked successfully, no issues. 

    Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide.

    Thank you,