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background blur or change in video conference

Golf129 Posts: 1
edited January 11 in Ideas Hub

I am wondering whether it is possible to blur or change the background during video conferences like some other softwares can? Thank you very much.

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  • PeterBrunner
    PeterBrunner Posts: 66 Staff member 🤠

    Not out of the box but you can use other tools doing so and then just select them as input cam.

  • Such as? Do you have an example for me, @PeterBrunner? I tried Logitech Capture, but this won't work.

    Best case, Blizz would support a greenscreen camera overlay, background blurr and background removal by default.

  • PeterBrunner
    PeterBrunner Posts: 66 Staff member 🤠

    For me ChromaCam worked but feels like high Blizz CPU load while using it.

    Agreed for the feature requests.

  • RobertMilrath
    RobertMilrath Posts: 1 Newbie

    Would be goog to implement in TeamViewer, most other services like TeamViewer already have it. Any chance to get this soon?

  • Stefan_NRW
    Stefan_NRW Posts: 1

    We need this feature, too. In Meetings it´s very desireable to be able to overlay the background. Also in much other conditions.

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,905 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi everyone - please feel free to upvote this idea by hitting the upvote button in the initial post. This number will be reviewed by the product team 👍

    Community Manager
  • WiSy
    WiSy Posts: 1 Newbie

    We need a backgroundimage-feature too!

    If I could hit the vote-button, Esther spoke of, I would do. But I got the info "You don't have permisson to do that.

    But anyway, we will be happy, if you enable the feature in TeamViewer meeting. Thank you

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,905 Community Manager 🌍

    HI @WiSy

    I will investigate what´s causing this permission issue and will give the permission accordingly!

    Thanks for informing us!


    Community Manager
  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,905 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi again @WiSy

    I found the issue and corrected it. You can now upvote the idea. Thanks again!!

    Community Manager