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Connection issues

I have been tryin to connect to a remote PC for the last week.  Usually the I get the pop up to enter my password, but it wont even get to that stage. I have experoeiced this before and it usually clears up after a day and is often linked to a larger Teamviewer outage. 

I have not changed any settings on either PC, they are both on the origional networks, havent changed the proxy settings etc, but it now just wont work! 

Any suggestione


  • JeanK
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    Hello @AmeliaBates,

    Thank you for your message. ?

    We recommend to restart the TeamViewer service on the devices you are using in cases of connectivity issues. In many cases, it solves the problem. ?

    You will find the procedure here: Restart the TeamViewer service 

    I hope this could help. ?



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