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Data Volume consumption only for TeamViewer standby???


I would like to install a notebook for my demented mum in a nursing home to skype with her during the corona crisis. As she isn’t able to take such a call I have installed teamviewer to be able to control remotely her notebook at any time to start a skype call. That works so far.
Unfortunately there is no WiFi in the nursing home. Therefore I have taken an old iPhone and use it as USB hotspot, have booked 500MB data volume. That works as well. BUT: after my test yesterday, during the night, without any active Teamviewer session (only standby for remote) the 500 MB have been consumed. Obviously teamviewer consumes data volume only for being waiting for a remote session. Is that true? Any idea to overcome this problem?

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  • Conny27
    Conny27 Posts: 4

    I detected that the high consumption of data vlume was due to a windows update during the night. Unfortunately with windows 10 it is not so easy to avoid automatic updates, but now I managed the deactivation. Now it's fine, only a minimum is consumed for the TeamViewer standby!
    Therefore I still think that this solution is feasible, nevertheless Skype cosumes around 50 MB per 5 minutes, therefore maybe 500 MB per month is a bit too less. But with my SIM card I can enlarge the datavolume easily.
    Thanks a lot and best regards,

  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 5,794 Community Manager 🌍

    Hello @Conny27,

    Many thanks for your update. 

    Yes... Without intense skype session, this sounds feasible. ?

    Have a good start in the week! ??



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