Mac os x 10.8.5 how to connect to it?

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I am kind of deperate. I am using TV to support my elderly parents living a few hundred kms away. They are using Mac Pro with 10.8.5 because of Adobe CS4 Master Collection - no option to update Adobe - so no option to update Mac OS X.

They have installed TV 12. I have PC with TV 15 and mac with 10.11 tried every version possible - how I can connect to their computer to help them with their software problems?

I tried everything - I am receiving information about "The remote TeamViewer is running an older version which is out-of-date".

Any solution?

Thank you very much in advance!


  • Vatsilidis
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    Hi @Topersky 

    In the case that you are a free license user, you can't connect to older versions of Teamviewer. This is one of the extra features enabled in licensed users only. 

    I hope this landing to your case and found the root of the issue you are facing,

    Best regards

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    Thank you for your reply @Vatsilidis 

    How I can buy full version/licence for TeamViewer - preferebly like a lifetime?

    I tried to check store but there are only monthly access options which is sadly way to expensive for me.

    Best regards,


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    Update: I've ordered a support service at local IT company with corporate Team viewer licence.

    To my surprise I got refund because they cannot connect to out of date teamviewer. Please update TV to latest version (my parents have latest version for thei system!)

    What can I do - with virus around I cannot travel 400 km!

    Any help?!