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Arrows keys don't work in latest update. [12.0.78313]

Using the arrow keys to move the cursor in the 'Partner ID' or 'Search' text boxes have stopped working with this release that came out May 23rd.

This is extremely aggravating since when support tickets come in with a TeamViewer ID #, people just copy and paste the ID, which includes spaces. So, for me to search our directory, I have to remove spaces and generally I just use the arrow keys in the search know the most basic way to move the cursor in a text field.


Why did this change in an update, seems like an asinine thing to remove?


  • drumnj
    drumnj Posts: 2

    Was given the previous build by support [12.0.77242] and this fixed my problem.  So something happened in the update to 78313.  FYI for those that come across this.

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