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Web API Issues and Suggestions

So I played around with the session management web API with Business Account.

These are some things that somewhat an issue I encountered

- Expired sessions are not tag Closed automatically

- end_customer_link and supporter_link takes you to a generic page of teamviewer and then deeplink to your application 

- I downloaded my design and deploy softwares, but the generated link did not deeplink my download custom software instead it still requires to download the official softwares

- Api generated links have some issue with QS softwares, it downloads a file everytime. No issue with the full client for deeplinking.

- An issue I encountered recently where the generated link was always nagging about update to v15 but when I download its still v14 which our customer also encountered, could be an issue rolling update propagation. 


-It would be great if generated Link for end_customer_link and supporter_link should take us to our custom and deploy modules download link so we could see our customized logo and redirect automatically to the session.

- An api where we could check for single session accounts like business if its available or in progress. I just managed it by using queue system in my website and requires the support to close manually the session but it would be great to have to simplify things

- Api generated links should have a way to customized logo of the landing page.

Thanks for the development team to give us some things to play around with Web API to manage some sessions. These really helps since these doesnt require sharing of id and password to connect. I hope that you could consider these suggestions and provide better solutions.