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TeamViewer Should be user policy based.

Nfoster Posts: 53 ✭✭

TeamViewer should be user policy based. Just realized how broken this really is. Regardless if I create a package or not as long as a user is listed in my TeamViewer account they can connect to what ever computer they want regardless if it is part of the network and/or company owned or not. The installer should simply assign itself to our TeamViewer account plain and simple. Then based on policy allow users to connect to only registered computers or not. I can see our staff abusing this for helping other people no employed by the company.

This should work that same way Active Directory does. Users that have an account in Active Directory can only access computers that are domin joined. Simple.


  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 315 ✭✭✭

    You might want to throw this in the Ideas forum instead of here, or maybe one of the Mods will move it. 

    This is a great idea though, and I can absolutely see the use case for it. (while it is not needed for me)

    Having the ability to limit your users to only connect to your computers would be nice. The issue I see is anyone who is using TeamViewer for support like that would have the basic know how to log out of the TeamViewer account for support, and then log in under their personal account and do the support you are concerned about them doing.

    That being said, I am sure there is a way around that too... 

    The other issue I see is that one of the great things about TeamViewer and part of the reason I switched to it. Is it is quite ubiquitous. Many places use it and thus if they have it installed already I don't need to, and if I have it installed already they don't need to.  ...I do wish more places would keep up on their licensing though. That has been an issue for me. I keep mine up to date on the most current stuff. I have vendors that are back at 8 and 10... It kills me.

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  • Nfoster
    Nfoster Posts: 53 ✭✭

    I see that this would be useful for MSP, but not for internal corporation Help Desk. So maybe TeamViewer should develop a specaillized versions. One for MSPs and one for non-MSPs.

    Ideally there should be one installer (MSI preferred) which can be used for either company and personal use. When you logged into your company account you only have access to all the other users that are logged in as well. While logged in under company account policies that you set in the TV portal would apply. However, we may want to restrict access even is that use is not logged in under they company account. This restriction would be set with the Design & Deploy and baked into the MSI.

    We have several users who are using TV beyond company use and this goes against company policies. Most companies have such policies in place and are violated all the time. The logic behind what TeamViewer says make no sense at all. TeamViewer should not dictate how we use software that we purchase and how we run our environment.

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