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BuzzTV XR4500 only works with QuickSupport, not Host

The most recent releases [Android] Host v15.5.39 and [Android] QuickSupport v15.5.76 both added support for buzztv devices, but only QuickSupport works - not Host.

I can remote controll my two BuzzTV XR4500 devices via QuickSupport, but the Host app fails. There's nothing in the BuzzTV box logs about this failure (or even this attempt). From my Mac, if I use the TeamViewer Chrome app, the console prints out this error:

error message data 1609 IDS_LNX_REMOTESUPPORT_HIGHER_IE_VERSION_REQUIRED Unfortunately, a connection to this device is not possible with this version of TeamViewer.

If I use TeamViewer 15 for Mac, v15.5.3, I don't get an obvious error - clicking on "remote control" does nothing.

Below are the TeamViewer_15_Logfile.log logs from my most recent attempt. I couldn't find a public system to report bugs in TeamViewer, so I'm hoping someone on the Teamviewer team can move this topic to the bug reporting system.

[logs removed per Community Guidelines]