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[Windows] v15.6.7 (Full) - Change Log

Esther Posts: 4,091 Former Community Manager

Operating system: Windows

Version: 15.6.7

Release date: 2020-05-26


Change Log:

New features

  • Instant image-to-text recognition for the augmented reality sessions. Pilot users can now recognize texts on their phones or tablets and send them to the expert with one click.


  • The MSI installer now allows you to optionally deactivate TeamViewer's Outlook Add-In upon installation. As a result, the Outlook Add-In will be installed but not activated. However, it can still be activated at a later time. By default, the Outlook Add-In is installed and activated.
  • The feedback option is now more prominent on the top menu.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug for the black screen which sometimes prevented the expected deactivation when pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del on the remote computer.
  • Fixed a bug in the remote connection which caused the connection to freeze when selecting a single window.
  • Fixed a bug occurring with active Black Screen and single-window mode, which caused TeamViewer to crash when minimizing or closing the window.
  • Fixed a bug by which TeamViewer's Outlook Add-In was activated in Outlook although it was not shown as active in the advanced TeamViewer options.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the video of the other participant in a Remote Connection or Meeting not to be visible.
  • Fixed a bug that caused TeamViewer Run Only to crash when starting programs that trigger a User Account Control prompt on the remote device.

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