How to turn off userside approval of elevated permissions?


In quicksupport, how do we avoid that end user (that needs support) need to approve elevated permission`s, when admins login with their domain credentials?

My experience is under 50% can figure out how to accept this.



  • bartlanz
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    I thought that there was a policy for this, but my testing just now says there is not. So the only way to remove the UAC prompts would be to walk them through disabling UAC. Which I would NOT recommend.

    If there was a policy or setting to control the need to elivate/UAC on the TeamViewer side. This would end up making you unable to interact with future UAC prompts in the session meaning instead of just the one at the beginning you would need to walk your customer through doing it on every future one. Also it will create windows that you can not interact with.

    The example I can explain would be this

    Start session

    System does not ask about UAC and thus your session runs under the user instead of an Admin

    You go to look at the Computer Management console (which requires UAC elivation)

    the user puts the info in, You will be able to see all of it, but you will not be able to click on it. 

    I have actually had this happen. 

    Trust me the single UAC prompt at the beginning is better. Albeit hard to talk some end users through it. I feel your pain.

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