When AOL shield browser is started my remote screen goes blank. Local screen is OK.

bobgg Posts: 1

When the user at the remote site brings up the AOL Shield browser, my screen goes blank.         A black screen.  The user at the other end is OK.  If the user closes the AOL Shield browser then the screen appears.  Please help.  Thanks.


  • zuppster
    zuppster Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I have the same issue. I can view if Edge or Chrome browser is open, but if AOL Browser is opened on remote computer, my screen goes black. Funny, since AOL Browser is Chromium based. Help!

  • daveyclark
    daveyclark Posts: 1

    Same issue. Once the AOL Gold Desktop App signs the user into AOL, remote screen goes blank. Changing resolution, display parameters, video settings - nothing has fixed the issue.

  • jam7
    jam7 Posts: 1

    Same issue. I can support user without issue until they launch AOL. Frustrating!