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can i do from one PC more higher level to access other 2 and from all other no connection to all 3?

I have 3 under my login and everywhere at 2 PC login without a passwrod like safe login.

Can I use more with more priviligies and all other jsut under and less access to all others?

1 is main, 2 others can be access to each other under 1 login - then how to setup it?

or all are equal and could be accessable anytime from each other?!



  • JeanKJeanK Posts: 3,039 Moderator

    Hello @Client2020,

    Thank you for your message. ?

    I am very sorry but I cannot understand what you are asking.

    Could you please reformulate and maybe post screenshots that explicitly show what you are asking?

    Many thanks in advance.



    French Community Moderator
  • Thank you Jean, sorry for confusing you guys.

    Ok, will try one more time to explain.

    I install teamviewer on  3 computers with log in by one email. 

    Easy access everywhere. And it means from any computers possible to log in to any of 3 computers from listing your compiuters  or I can change permissioin - for example from one - only log in to him but not from him to my others 2?


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