Difference between acticated and managed devices

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I just got a Teamviewer business licence (single user). The licence states that I can "activate the licence on up to 3 devices" but it also says that I can "assign and manage up to 200 devices". How can I assign/manage a device without activating my licence on it?

I am using Teamviewer at the moment to remote control my 2 PCs in the office from my 1 home PC. So this are already the 3 devices with Teamviewer installed and running under my licence. I would like to add my laptop too, to be able to access my office computer from any place. However, right now it says I have reached the maximum number of devices. So whats this "manage up to 200 devices" mean?

Also, the licence states "A single-user licence permits connections FROM up to 3 devices". So I guess I just set up my office computers the wrong way. I am only using them for incoming connections. But how can I do this in a way that I can still see them under my licence?

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    Thanks for the quick reply!

    So, just to make sure I got everything right:

    I could basically use TeamViewer on my office computers without login in. Just assigning them to my account and set a permanet password I guess. This way I could access them from all my account devices using the password.

    I think my mistake was starting TeamViewer with logged in account on my office computers. This is only necessary if I want to use them for outgoing connections and login in will automatically use one of the three activations.

    Did I get this right?

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    @Frank131 correct - you got this absolutely right! ??

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