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Multible Accs signed in at a time & joining Confernce Calls easier from mobile

Hello all,

today we had a conference call in which we needed a person to be present who was in his car and didn't have the Blizz app installed, so he tried to join by dialing in the number, but because of all the steps had would have to go through with pressing the number for the language or putting in the code he wasn't able to join since he had to drive his car, so in the group the question occurred if you could just join by putting in the number and the code behind it with a comma inbetween, like skype does it. Another question the came up in the same call was if you are able to  be logged into multible accounts at the same time so then if you need to join a call on the other account you can just hop into it instead of logging out with one account and then logging in with the other.
Thanks for any replys in advance.


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  • Bennn
    Bennn Posts: 2

    First of all I wanna thank you for your response, but I have another question. Could you be able to register two accounts like in two different tabs/batches so that it's easier for one to switch faster from one account into the other? From the convenient perspective it would make it easier if you have two different Blizz Icons on your desktop so you are able to log into your accounts faster and you could also switch faster between your accounts to join different calls or conversations.
    Thank you for your replys in advance.