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Created a company instead of joining one


I'm a new user who created an account to join my company's premium account and I accidentally created a new company. How do I delete that and join theirs?





  • JeanKJeanK Posts: 2,996 Moderator

    Hello @corycarrillo,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! ?

    First, you will need to delete your company profile:

    Once this is done, the administrator of your license will need to add you to the company profile:

    I hope this could help. ?

    If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. ?

    Best regards



    French Community Moderator
  • Thank you so much, I called customer service and those were the exact steps they gave me and it works.



  • JeanKJeanK Posts: 2,996 Moderator

    Hello @corycarrillo,

    Ufff...I'm glad I didn't tell you something wrong, then! ??

    Thanks for your feedback - if you have any question, do not hesitate to come back!

    Take care ?


    French Community Moderator
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