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ISP informs me that my ip is being spoofed by teamviewer

Yesterday I had problems using team viewer, my ISP informs me that they internally have configured policies on the connections that their edge routers have with their international internet providers. These policies help him to prevent spoofing of his networks, basically what they do is block all the incoming traffic whose origin is an IP of the segments that my ISP manages since he is the only one that can generate traffic originated by said IPs.


The problem was solved by removing the policy associated with the public segment to which the IP assigned to me belongs. They told me that in the same way this behavior does not make sense and that possibly for a reason that they do not know, temviewer spoofs my public IP to establish communication.

The error "WaitforConnectFailed" appeared to the person who wanted to connect to my PC.


Only "Incoming connection ..." appeared on my side


My ISP tells me the they will re-apply the policies and maybe this affect me. Has anyone had the same problem? have you detected this behavior before? Please let me know if you have any idea about this. Thank you.