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How I am using Teamviewer

Tellling my story about my use and need for Teamviewer:

I am 9 years retired form a 40 year career in IT support. The last 10 years or so I worked in a data center environment supporting hundreds of servers in multiple locations. I was very dependent on remote access technology. I needed the ability to operate on several systems at a time installing updates, reboots, failure log analysis and more.

After retirement I pursued  improvements in my home network to make use of Windows Media Center work perfectly. I eventually had several Windows laptops and two Windows desktops with one desktop as WMC server. All this is on a mostly hardwired Gigabit network with TV delivered from COMCAST on an HDHOMERUN Mcard adapter. Six years ago we started traveling and were away for months at a time. I had become obsessive about recording our favorite dramatic series from TV. WMC had a good scheduling system. About three years ago I came upon TEAMVIEWER and I was using it at home to control the WMC server from different PCs around the house just like the old days at work. two years ago we were renting a condo in Florida for two months and just for fun I fired up Teamviewer and found I could contact my WMC server at home. Some time later We were visiting a casino and I found out I could use Teamviewer to watch live TV from my WMC server, internet glitches aside. I don't do this sort of thing a lot but it is pretty amazing. I am on a free license so I hope I am not abusing my privelege.


  • EstherEsther Posts: 2,989 Community Manager

    Hi Aseries,

    Thank you for sharing your story in the Community!

    It is a pleasure to read it :-) and it´s good to hear, that you are happy with TeamViewer.

    I sounds like you are very experienced with TeamViewer and I would like to invite you to share your knowledge and reply to some questions in the Community :-)


    Community Manager
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