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TeamViewer remote screen freezes

I've been using TeamViewer for a few years now, and for the past 2 weeks or so, the remote screen keeps freezing.

I have 1 computer in one location and 2 computers in another location. When I connect from the first location to any of the two computers in the other location, the connection works fine for 1-2 minutes and then it freezes. The remote computer doesn't freeze, because I can simply close the window and reconnect and then reconnect. But then it works for another 1-2 minutes (sometimes maybe a bit longer) but eventually it freezes again.

Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?

Thank you.


  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 324 ✭✭✭

    Did you or your customer change any network hardware or settings in the last three weeks?

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    Bart Lanzillotti
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  • gandrade
    gandrade Posts: 1

    I have the same issue.

    Windows 10 - TeamViewer 12.0.95388

    Starts conection and after 1 or 2 minutes, remote screen freezes, and the only thing that works is restart the conection.

    Any ideas?

  • jeki
    jeki Posts: 2

    I have the same problem or similar, but mine is a bit worse, as my remote computer freezes at startup and I need to get someone to reboot it. First it was sometimes, but lately (as in today) it happens every time I connect - any idea ?
    Br / Jens

  • JSE
    JSE Posts: 1

    Add me to the list. version Version:14.0.13880


    TeamViewer is absolutely unusable with this happening ...

  • hryan
    hryan Posts: 3

    Same happening to me.  Have used for years with no problems until a couple weeks ago.  The remote computer freezes constantly.  Version 14.2.8352, Win7 64 bit.

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