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Virus infection via remote control?

Hi All -

Perhaps a dumb question but I need to be sure.

I have encountered a server that has been infected with the wanna cry cryptoware. That's not the real issue however

The issue is that several people routinely remote into that computer via TeamViewer.

Is it possible for a virus or ransomware to be transferred by simply remote controlling the infected computer?

I realize file transfers would be an entirely different discussion so I would like to focus on remote control only.

thanks in advance




  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 315 ✭✭✭

    I am not aware of anything tailor made to TeamViewer. I feel like it is far more likely that someone copied a file over that was infested. That being said, IF the virus has the ability to copy its self automatically by clipboard and you have clipboard sync on (which you probably do) then that would be a way that it could happen... but then how is it being executed... I keep coming back to someone coppied an infected file.

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  • Sorry if I am hijacking this question but my issue is somewhat related.   I have been using Teamviewer for years now to access friends PCs and very recently seem to have picked up some sort of "pop-up" from AOL mail fronm my friends device on mine.  It was a message advising me that I could connect faster etc etc and seemed to be CISCO related via AOL.

    From AOL?From AOL?

    I tried to find the source but could only eradicate it by restoring my PC to a day before I worked on my friends machine.  The irritating pop-up has gone now but I don't want to pick it up again next month when I have to help him out with his billing and invoicing!! 

    Thank you for any advice.

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