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Is host deployment to macOS possible via InTune

I've been reading through the posts on the forums and can find a way of deploying the host via a script or manually but can't seem to find any instruction on deploying a TV Host via InTune for macOS

We currently deploy our customised host to iOS and Windows using InTune and this works fine.

Has anyone been able to do the same for macOS? Did you have to convert the pkg file into a .IntuneMac file using the app wrapping tool?



  • B3nnn
    B3nnn Posts: 1

    This is an old post, but I have the same questions. Packaging as a .intunemac file fails and reports back as having an incorrect package id or something along those lines. There are instructions for deployment from MobileIron, but my org is jumping ship on that MDM and I now have about 50 Macs that will need to be manually configured with TV. Sooo frustrating.

    Did you find a successful means of deploying TV host?

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