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Teamviewer-host 12.0.78433 will not start on RPi3

Teamviewer was working fine for me, until i did a upgrade to the latest version. Now it does not start. 

I uninstalled teamviewer-host and reinstalled, and came across the same issue.

Running teamviewer via terminal gives me this:

CheckingCPU: armv71
Checking setup...
Launching Teamviewer...
Launching TeamViewer GUI...



I checked the service status with:

sudo systemctl status teamviewerd.service

And it returns that the service is Active(Running)


  • Bilago
    Bilago Posts: 3

    Update, downloaded the old Teamviewer 11 .deb file and installed it, and it works with no problem at all. I guess I'm staying on that version for now...

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