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Windows 7 firewall: how to block all connections except TeamViewer?

I need help in setting up firewall on Windows 7 Home Edition. I want to block all traffic – inbound and outbound for everything except one application: TeamViewer.exe

To accomplish this, I’ve created 2 inbound rules:

  • Allow the connection for this program C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe
    1. Computers: Authorized computers and Exceptions are unchecked;
    2. Advanced: All profiles; All Interface Types; Block edge traversal;
    3. Scope: Any IP Local or remote;
    4. Protocols: Any;
  • Allow the connection for this program C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer_Service.exe.exe
    1. Everything Else same as in rule 1;

 Also I’ve created 2 outbound rules identical to the inbound rules.

I’ve checked that there are no active “Block the connection” rules exits in both inbound and outbound folders. All default rules are stays intact.

 Finally I’ve opened “Windows Firewall Properties” and set Outbound connections to “Block” on Domain, Private and Public profiles tabs.

I’ve clicked Apply and immediately lost connection to TeamViewer. After reboot, TeamViewer on another machine shows this computer status “Offline”. I had to revert Outbound connections to “Allow”.

What I am doing wrong? How can I setup Windows 7 firewall to how to block all connections except one application (TeamViewer)?

Please note computer has Windows 7 Home Edition installed and does not have Group Policy Editor.

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