Password is Blank-Unable to Remotely Connect


I am having trouble allowing my daughter to remotely access my computer. It was all working last week, but now for some reason, in the "Allow Remote Control" area of my screen, no password is generated for me to give to her. Nor is there a refresh arrow to randomly create one. We have tried googling troubleshooting solutions, but no luck. I have already restarted my computer, uninstalled Team Viewer, reinstalled it and I have the latest version: 15.7.7


Allow Remote Control Password is blankAllow Remote Control Password is blank


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    Hi @gabrielm88,

    Welcome to our community and I'm more than happy to help with it.

    Please kindly check your settings:

    Options > Security > Random Password (for spontaneous access)3.png

    The random password wouldn't be generated when it's disabled. Please choose a different setting.

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