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Logging out of TeamViewer kills the music that's being streamed

This problem started a few weeks ago, maybe when we updated to the latest version of TeamViewer.

I work at a small Norwegian radio station here in Norway. In our studio we have a Mac machine that streams music 24/7. We use MegaSeg for music and program rotation, it's streamed via NiceCast, and we use TeamViewer to get access to the machine remotely.

Early on we found out we had to uncheck "Lock on session end" under Actions. If we ever ended a session while this was active, the machine would log out of the user account and lock up, and the sound would get killed. We'd then have to hurry to the studio to manually log into the account on the computer again, which would start the music streaming again.

But now this has started happening whenever we log out of a TeamViewer session regardless, even if we've made sure "Lock on session end" is checked off. Though there's at least one difference, as we can still log in using TeamViewer. So it's not completely locked. But when we again close the session, the machine will sign out of the user account, and the music will die. So we have to have someone in the studio at the same time who can log in immediately after the TeamViewer session is closed.

So the big question is, what's wrong and how do we solve it? How can we make it so it doesn't sign out when the TeamViewer session is closed, so the music doesn't get killed?

Thank you!

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