Touch interactions

When will TeamViewer support touch interactions on Android mobile? On a 5,7 inch screen, it could be useful.


  • gara
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    I would like to add that this should be a no brainer... how the GUI is implemented for tablet would be perfect on any kind of touch device. There is a default, depending on device dimensions or type, but you can always choose the other option. No reason not to give us the option to choose. I would complain the same way if tablet where forced to use touch interactions, because depending on what I need to do sometimes I still prefer mouse interactions even on my tablet.

    By the way one of my tablets is actually half inch bigger then my phone (infact my phone is actually called a "phablet"... but it would give me the willies to call it that).

    It might seem a little thing but it changes the whole experience and what you can and cannot do easily. At the moment sometimes I'm forced to still use the Chrome remote app because it gives me the option. If it had a decent keyboard interaction at the moment I would switch back to that. 

  • Please make touch interactions on option on all size devices including android phones. With an external monitor my phone has a 21.5" screen. Touch interactions would make this like using the native PC. Thanks.
  • WE NEED TOUCH!!!! I know for a fact that it can be done even on the smallest of phone screens.
    I have a phablet, and it is a NOTE8 and should be able to control this app with touch.

    Plenty of other remote desktop like applications give you the choice.

    I tried the tablet version on an opened Android phone. Loaded the tablet version on it via sideload and it ran fine! BUT I can't use a unsecure device in the work I do.
    So please open that version to other devices, test it! It works..

    Unless of course it is a money grab, and you can say HEY buy version 14 and you get access to TOUCH.... that was able to be done, like 3 years ago.

  • wrmichael
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    I have pretty good luck with touch. 

    One of my apps had sliders that did not work well with Touch so I wrote an app to replace it.  I now I have a large + and - sign to touch.