ErrorReceiveResponse 12002

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2017/06/28 12:08:55.073  9104  3960 G17!! TVUpdate - CInetDownload::ThreadRun - ErrorReceiveResponse 12002

I'm attempting to update teamviewer from 9.0.41110 to 12.0.78716 and am receiving the above message in the logs. I click update, it attempts to update and goes to the Downloading TeamViewer window, and then it fails with the message "An error occurred while updating TeamViewer. Please check log file for more information" where I see the message at the top of this post. Any ideas?

This happens with both remote update and clicking update locally, and using the installer to upgrade versions does allow me to update the version but once the client is updated to 12 I get the same error when attempting to update 12 to the most recent version.


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    We are experiencing this same issue and are unable to update via the console or local client.  We get both:  ErrorReceiveResponse 12030 and 12002.