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Teamviewer and Zendesk error

When I add Teamviewer to Zendesk, I get JavaScript error "Cannot read property '1' of null" in the Teamviewer window. Also, instead of generating the Teamviewer links it just duplicated my Zendesk window within the Teamviewer window (just very small). Any fixes?



  • OwenW
    OwenW Posts: 1

    Hmm I came here to find a fix for this exact error.  I can get it to work it I reload the page 30-40 times but I don't usually have the patrience for this.


    It's a shame no one has a fix for this.

  • I did just discover that it works with FireFox, but Chrome has the same issue. I had to do the same about 20 times before it would work. So far Firefox has logged in consistently. 

  • hend
    hend Posts: 1

    Hi - we are seeing the same issue.

    After logging in to zendesk teamviewer app (in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) we get a javascript error and a small view of the whole zendesk window in the teamviewer panel.

    Be good to find out if this will be fixed or if there is a workaround?



  • kral
    kral Posts: 1

    Same here :/

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