Can't connect to any previously working clients after win10 2004 update

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I am unsure if some update to TeamViewer 9 in the last couple of days broke it (doubtful?). Otherwise, it appears that updating my Windows 10 computer to version 2004 has caused this.

I had a TeamViewer 7 Business license that was transferred to version 9 while v7 was being phased out.  Everything was fine last week, but now I am unable to connect to any of my clients.

Here are some screenshots of errors/version numbers from my computer and one of my clients that I am unable to connect with.

Also, do I contact email support/open a ticket as a paid customer? There seems to be no way to that and the "submit a ticket" button goes directly to the public forum. 


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    Hi @CallOneTech,

    Thank you for your message and hope we can help with it.

    Please kindly check out the TeamViewer versions are available for the operating systems on both devices.

    With regard to the support ticket, you have to submit a ticket with your licensed account. If your account shows as a free user, please calling our support team for further assistance.

    I hope this information helps.

    Kind regards,


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    Did you check my screenshots with the errors? I have a feeling I might be having a different issue.

    I have seen that canned reply with that link on other threads going back months. Are you trying to say that the only solution is to roll back Windows 10 and uninstall the 2004 update?

    I suppose I'll also be reaching out about my license issue as I do have a key and have been a customer since 2011.

    I would appreciate any input on my issues after reviewing my screenshots.