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Remote sign in hangs on yellow "Connecting Management" when logging in to iMac

I am confused.  I have installed Teamviewer 15.8.3 (15876f56014) on both my Macbook Pro (2018) and my iMac (2012).  Both run the same, current version of MAC OS Catalina.  Both computers have been set up with Teamviewer and have Teamviewer ID's and are connected to my network by Ethernet cable on the same network and gateway.  The iMac is downstairs and the Macbook is in my upstairs office.

When I am at the iMac in the Teamviewer Remote Control Panel and select the Macbook Pro from the dropdown of my available computers and select Remote Control, Teamviewer shows the yellow connecting sign for a few seconds, turns green, asks for the Macbook Teamview password and once entered, connects.  All is good.

I closed that connection and tried to connect from the Macbook Pro to the iMac (being sure that the earlier connection was closed in Teamviewer).  When I select the iMac from the dropdown and click connect the status light at the bottom of the screen clicks on connecting and hangs.  No prompt at all for the password and no connection is made.

Considering both machines are on the same gigabyte ethernet network and Teamviewer sees both machines why can I successfully connect iMac-Macbook but not Macbook-iMac?  I am very confused.

Another minor question - is there a way to bypass needing the devices' passwords when establishing a connection?  It seems like a non-security issue if I am the only user on my machines at home, to have to go back and forth to establish the connection by physically checking passwords all the time. 

Any suggestions on these?

Thanks in advance!


  • hmgreen
    hmgreen Posts: 2

    An update to all this:  I right clicked on properties for the iMac and entered the current Teamviewer password.  I now get a RED status light saying it could not connect...... 

    Is there a log that shows what is happening?