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Audio/Sound problems. Please help

I used to be able to connect to my remote computer without an issue on the pc I was working from. Now, however, when I connect to my mac (remote computer) the sound on my pc cuts out. I have it hooked up to speakers via the headphone jack and red and white plugs so we can listen to spotify in my store on the surround sound speakers. When I connect to teamviewer...that cuts out and I can only hear the music through my pc speakers instead of the stereo speaker that I have the pc hooked up to. Not sure why the sudden change...worked fine before?? Help anyone. Thanks.


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  • jmdempsey
    jmdempsey Posts: 1

    Yes, that helped perfectly! Thank you!

  • T H A N K  Y O U !!!!!

  • Hi, this is my first time posting here and have no idea if I posted this in the right place and I'm sorry if I didn't.

    I use TeamViewer to remote into my desktop at home from college as it's more powerful than my lackluster HP stream 11. and like everyone else, I too use the sound function. unfortunately, the sound keeps cutting in and out as in, it does work but then will stop working for a few minutes, then work as normal. I have "Play computer sounds and music" and "share computer sounds and music" enabled in the settings, but it still cuts in and out.

    this wouldn't be a problem is I was just using Spotify as I could just use my phone, but I use text to speech software on my main desktop because of my dyslexia and I have trouble reading long sentences. I frequently use it in word, chrome and other programs. I would like to know how to fix this please. the sound does work, but occasionally stops and starts every few minutes. this doesn't just occur on my laptop, it also occurs on my phone as well. 

  • zer153
    zer153 Posts: 1

    mac to pc sound problems 
    There is no sound when connecting from mac and pc.
    so how to setting?? or another way.??

  • mintsdan
    mintsdan Posts: 1

    Greetings!!! I have a new Assos motherboard that came out about two months ago ... and if I try to take over the computer with TEAMVIEWER it doesn't give a voice and X mark on the speaker icon in the taskbar on other computers it does work and also on a remote desktop but in your software it does not Makes nothing ... Thanks so much.

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