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Assingment failed

Dear people,

When i want to do a assingment on a single computer it looks like the proxy is blocking it. I have already set * in the exceptions, but that didn't help.

We get the error : Assingment failed with:

Get , connection failed. Anybody a idea how i can fix this issue?


  • Hi ArjanVL,

    the old Assignment Tool didn't support a connection via proxy server automatically.
    We released a new version of it this week which supports this now.

    Please try it this way again:

    TeamViewer_Assignment.exe -apitoken {YourToken} -datafile "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\TeamViewer\AssignmentData.json" -verbose -proxyurl https://{Proxy_Username}:{Proxy_Password}@{Proxy_Host}:{Proxy_Port}


    Team Lead Product Development (Enterprise)

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