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Webcam turns on with new connection

TV12 & I have a Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 and any time I start a connection to any device, the light on the camera comes on.  It doesn't appear to be streaming any audio or video to the other side, but it is a little unnerving that it is turning on.  It didn't do this with TV10.



  • CraigAlan
    CraigAlan Posts: 14

    Any update on this?  I see the new version has come out recently but it did not address this issue.

    I am running v12.0.78716 on two Windows 10 Ent boxes, both with MS Lifecams attached and when using TeamViewer it activates my webcam.  This DID NOT happen with previous versions.

    This is obviously a security issue and I wonder why this is activiting like this.  Can we expect this to be addressed anytime soon??

    Any update TeamViewer? 

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