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Connection to previous version - Only with license?


I have a family member running MacOS Yosemite, their OS cant be upgrade any further do to the old hardware (its a MBP from 2009), and hence they are stuck on TV v.13 as per TVs own documentation..

The latest version installs but wont start on the machine..

I have a new Macbook Air M1, with the latest version of TV installed, now I cant remote their computer. I understand thats due to some implemented limitations in TV.

How do I remote the machine? Do I need a license? Do we both need licenses?? (I remote her computer, she dosent remote mine)..

Searching the forum reveals that this affects loads of people, so a clarification from TV on how to do this would be very much appreciated! I cannot believe that this problem cant be solved in some way?

OBS! and no, her buying a newer machine is not an option atm.


  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 3,846 Moderator

    Hello @RJBoxer,

    The usage of the free version is only possible with the latest version of TeamViewer on both ends of the connection.

    However, you can connect to older versions with a TeamViewer license.

    In this use case, only you will need a license. Not the remote user.

    French Community Moderator
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