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Download link for Raspberry armhf (armv7 32 bit) disapeared ?!

Hi everyone,

I probably missed some thing but I used to get (headless mode) tv_client on a raspberry but I can't found the link on the download page again.

On the "system requirements" page there is : armv7 32 bit:  armv7 hardfloat (Raspberry Pi 2+), but I can't find anymore the link to download the .tar.gz archive !!?


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  • Thanks I lot, I'm the bug because I didn't go on the section "host" :D !!



  • Mike_Phx_2006
    Mike_Phx_2006 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited March 15

    My goal was to get the Ventz Chromium Media player working on my Raspberry Pi 4 so I could stream Disney+ (Disney Plus). **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**

    The issue I ran into was the Chromium Media Player doesn't run on the 64 bit Raspberry OS, only the 32 bit R OS. Not only that but the 32-bit OS is not immediately available on **Information removed as per Community Guidelines** site.

    But I did find that the Disk Imaging Tool does have the 32-bit OS, and when I imaged an SD card with this installed by itself (not Dual Boot) on RPi4, it works quite seamlessly.

    Moreover I was able to get the Ventz Media player working by using these commands in Terminal:

    curl -fsSL **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**

    sh ventz-media-pi


    My next step is to create a dual boot to include the 32-bit Raspberry OS and RetroPi.

    Berry boot is no longer supported, and I didn't find a free download of 32-bit Raspberry OS, and I never figured out how to access a USB via Berry Boot Manager.

    So I'll next try using NOOBS and create a dual boot from there. Hopefully I can find the 32-bit Raspberry OS there as well as RetroPi.

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