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How to add a customer to a new organization?

I have recently created a new organization and now I'm trying to add my clients as ticket creating members of that organization. I went into Administration customers and added an email ID there. However how can I be sure that my client has received an email? What are the next steps?

How can the client activate their account.

(I also tried to run a test by adding my personal email to my organization and I did not receive an email - so I'm afraid my client too has not received one)


  • Fedex79
    Fedex79 Posts: 1
    edited March 22

    Advice .. call the support phone, they have very good attention (at least from Argentina).

    Customers are not notified when you create them within the organization. The next step is that customers should register at with the same email address that you used to register them. After this, they will be able to see the tickets they have created, and create new tickets from your servicecamp site.

    Tip: This week, we generate an improvement request with the number **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**. The problem that servicecamp has is that if you have 5 customers of the organization "acme", user1 can only see only their own tickets, user2 can only see only their own tickets and thus, no customers from "acme" organization can see all the tickets, only you with a support agent. This is a problem, since some customers (bosses) of the organization always demands to be able to keep track of ALL tickets, regardless of who created them.

    The request I made is so that when registering a customer and associating him with an organization, the administrator can indicate if he has access to see all the tickets of that organization.

    If you find this improvement interesting, please call teamviewer, request this improvement on the same ticket number. So development gives priority.

    thanks !!! 😀

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